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 Wanderlust Explorations is a community of individuals who love to travel.   Whether you're going solo, with a group of friends , or with your partner, there is an adventure that will make you say WOW!  Unlike other group travel, Wanderlust Explorations creates adventures that are one and done.  Life is too short and it's time to start living.  Are you ready for your next adventure? 

Wanderlust Explorations  is a chance to embark on an adventure, explore places,  and check off items on your bucket list.  I want to open your eyes to amazing new experiences and adventures. Imagine running your first marathon, or skydiving, or completing an epic hike.  Maybe its traveling to Bali and having your own Eat, Pray, Love moment, or road tripping through Scotland.  All bucket lists are magical to the owner who creates them. Let me help you make magic happen. Check out our private Facebook Group Life's a Journey: What's on your Bucket list! No matter where you are, connect with like mind individuals who are looking to marking off their lists one day at a time.  Events are set up all over the US.  Join us today! 

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