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Group travel picture overlooking the sunset

Adventure Awaits

Let's make those dreams a reality

Explore the World, Make New Friends
 Your Adventure Awaits with Wanderlust Explorations

Embark on unforgettable small group travel experiences with Wanderlust Explorations, where my motto is just say yes! You only live once!

Does This Sound Familiar?

"I don't travel because I don't have anyone to go with...."

Join my community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for travel, hiking, photography, and reading. I bridge connections before your adventure through virtual and in-person meet-ups, ensuring you arrive as strangers but leave as lifelong friends.

"Travel is way too expensive for me...!"

Wanderlust Explorations believes in making dreams happen. I offer  flexible payment plans up to a year and a half before the adventure. I want you to say "yes" to the experiences you've been dreaming of. Life is TOO SHORT.

"I just don't like large groups and tourist traps..."

Wander off the beaten path with me. I love bringing smaller, intimate groups, steering clear of cookie-cutter tourist spots. Immerse yourself in authentic culture and local gems, and realize there is a purpose to sunrise, sunset, and times to avoid the tourists. 


I am running, hiking, book nerd, travel photographer who

believes that travel is more than just visiting new places . It's about stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new foods (it's all about the local flair),  meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

At Wanderlust Explorations, my mission is to Inspire people around the world to achieve their bucket list goals, celebrate their stories, and connect with others through travel, adventure, photography, and reading.

Join my community and let me show you how I travel and check off my bucket list. Your next great adventure is just a click away.

 So, are you ready to embark on your next adventure?


What is your style of travel?

At Wanderlust Explorations, I believe travel is more than a destination; it's an exploration of your passions. My favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Instead of choosing one, I narrowed down my favorite types of adventures into four types— Culture Trips, Hiking Adventures, Photography Expeditions, and Book Club Retreats —Many experiences will combine trip styles and you can bet photography will be a part of every one.   Discover your travel style today. 

Culture Travel

Dive into the heartbeat of destinations, unraveling their stories, flavors, and traditions with our Culture Travel Experiences. Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace extraordinary connections.  We even volunteer!
Wanderlust Explorations- (574).jpg

Photography Travel

Turn your wanderlust into artistry! Join our Photography Travel Escapades and discover stunning destinations through your lens. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, seize the moment with like-minded shutterbugs.
Join us on a journey where every step tells a story and every moment is a chapter in your adventure. 
Wanderlust Explorations (96).jpg

Hiking Travel

Escape the ordinary and trek into the extraordinary with our Hiking Travel Experiences. Explore breathtaking landscapes, forge new trails, and bond with fellow adventurers.  The best feeling is reaching the top!
Reading a Book in Balcony

Book Club Retreats

From thought-provoking discussions to quiet reading nooks, these retreats are crafted for those who find solace and joy in the written word. Elevate your reading experience and embark on a retreat where every chapter unfolds a new adventure.

Learn More About Our Book Club!!

Dive into a world of diverse stories, engaging narratives, and thought-provoking tales. Our book club is more than just a reading group; it's a community of minds coming together to explore, share, and celebrate the magic of literature.


P.S if you are local we have good food and drinks too. 




MARCH 2025
Image by Rod Long




DEC 2025 

Your Adventure Awaits with Wanderlust Explorations!

Ready to redefine the way you travel? Wanderlust Explorations is not  a travel company; I am  your community, your adventure, and your connection to the world.

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