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Image by Despina Galani

Greek Islands: Sun, Sea, and Aegean Dreams 

April 30- May 9, 2024

Image by Ryan Spencer

Paradise Awaits

"Traveling to the Greek islands is like stepping into a dream, where ancient myths meet crystalline waters and breathtaking vistas, leaving your soul forever enchanted."

  • Group total: up to 8 including Wanderlust Explorations- 1 additional driver to assist


  • Trip Fitness level #3- lots of walking around with stairs. Lots of stairs and hills.  Also you will be on boats/ferries. Some potential voluntary hiking. 

  • TYPE OF TRIP: The trips purpose is the Greek Islands. Early mornings and longer days hopping to two Islands to avoid crowds. This will be a combination of landscapes, history, nature, food, and self exploration.  This is perfect for the photographer, cultural/historian, and foodie. 

  • DATES: (includes travel days) 4/29-5/9/2024

  • LIMITLESS MEMBERS COST: without Air to Athens: $2900.00   Book my air to Athens: $4200  (flights to Santorini is included in trip price)

  • NON-MEMBER COST: without air to Athens: $3300. Book my air to Athens:  $4500 (flights to Santorini included in trip price)


  • Payment schedule is listed at bottom of this trip page as well as cancellation policy

Pricing is per person and double occupancy. Add $1200 to the trip for single occupancy

Chora Naxos


Immerse yourself in the allure of the Greek islands, indulging in the splendors of Santorini and Naxos. But before the island magic, seize the opportunity to explore Athens during a brief stopover. Wander the very streets where history unfolded, catch a glimpse of the iconic Parthenon, and absorb the essence of Greek history. Then, let the islands beckon you – bask in Santorini's sunsets, discover Naxos' authentic beauty, and relish the joy of leisurely walks. This journey blends culture, indulgence, and adventure, offering a taste of Athens amidst the idyllic island escape. 

We will start our Island Adventure with a flight to Santorini, where three nights of pure exploration await. Amidst the idyllic landscapes, you'll discover hidden gems and embrace the essence of authenticity. Escape the tourist rush as you revel in breathtaking sunsets, explore charming villages, and relish the tranquil beauty of Santorini's unspoiled corners. This is your chance to experience the island at its most genuine, creating memories that resonate long after your departure

As you journey onward by ferry, discover Naxos, a tranquil paradise embraced by authenticity. Wander through traditional villages like Chalki, indulging in local flavors and experiencing life as the Greeks do. Unwind on the serene shores of Agios Prokopios Beach, where crystal-clear waters beckon you to relax.

Throughout your adventure, public transportation and leisurely walks will lead the way, ensuring that every moment is a chance to connect with the soul of Greece. Ferry rides between islands will be short and scenic, offering glimpses of the azure Aegean waters.

This voyage is more than travel; it's an immersive experience where history, culture, and landscapes intertwine. Join us and journey through the heart of Greece, creating memories as unique and vibrant as the destinations themselves. 

"Experience Greece's captivating islands on a journey through time and natural splendor. Athens, a city of unparalleled history, carries a legacy spanning over 3,000 years. Named after the revered goddess Athena, it's the birthplace of philosophy, arts, and democracy, giving rise to luminaries like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Venture to Santorini, an island born of volcanic wonder. Within the Cyclades archipelago, its dramatic landscapes showcase unique geological formations, accompanied by the echoes of the ancient Minoan civilization. Unearth the secrets of Akrotiri, a Minoan settlement buried by a volcanic eruption—a tale that reverberates with the legend of Atlantis.

Continue your odyssey to Naxos, the grand jewel of the Cyclades. Steeped in myth, it's believed to be Zeus's cherished childhood haven. Amidst its historic charm, Naxos boasts a legacy of marble craftsmanship and cultural significance, inviting you to explore its artistic heritage.

Immerse yourself in the stories and scenery of Athens, Santorini, and Naxos—a journey through Greece's rich history and natural beauty."

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Check out the


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​These are just daily highlights

  • Walking adventure for the day in Athens includes Parthenon and much more 

  • Portara 

  • Apolonas

  • Chora

  • Fira

  • Oia

  • Amoudi Bay 

  • Much more around the islands

Image by Think Big Designs Co


  • 8 nights accommodation during semi peak time

  • Entrance tickets to all locations 

  • Guided itinerary and free time

  • Photography instruction

  • Travel to all locations

  • Breakfast in most locations

  • Ferry Tickets

  • Tourist taxes

  • Flights to Santorini

Image by David Kaloczi


  • Airfare if you do not do group airfare

  • Transportation to and from out of the airport you fly out of 

  • Costs of own exploring on down time

  • any meals/drinks not included

  • Tipping for guides if applicable

Image by Eryka-Ragna

Payment Schedule

Option 1:  7  monthly payments starting 9/25/23 of $450 each. Final Payment due: 4/2/2024

Option 2: $800 on 9/25/2023

$800 on 11/20/23

$800 on 1/20/23

$800 due 3/1/2023 

Final payment due 4/1/2024

Private Resource Page
Image by Chris Barbalis

Cancellation Policy

Booking Deposits: non-refundable

120 days or more: Loss of $600 

90-120 days: Loss of 50% of the trip cost 

45-89 days: Loss of 75% of the trip cost

Less than 60 days: 100% loss of the trip cost. 

Any other unrecoverable costs will be added in if applicable

Travel insurance is recommended to protect your investment

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