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Group Hike


Why do I want to become a member?
Being a member connects you to your tribe.  It allows you to have a community, to talk to the other travelers on the trip, ask questions, and stay informed.   Wait??  I didn't even tell you the best part!  Discounts,  free stuff, and more!!  

Memberships last 1 year and can be renewed annually.  BUT we now have a 2 year PLUS membership for killer savings. 

Membership benefits include pricing only for the member holder.  You must remain an active member  through the duration of your trip/event in order to take advantage of the trip discount and additional benefits.  

Memberships are non-refundable and non- transferrable.

Memberships also expire at the end of the membership period. It does not auto renew.  If you would like to continue your membership you would have to sign up again.  

ONLY $85.00 (value $500) for one year and ONLY $125.00 for two years (value $800)

Travel Polaroids
Limitless Members  $125 discount on each trip.  Limitless Plus gets $125-$350 discount on each trip
72 hour pre book access before a trip is opened up to general public.  Limitless Plus gets 48 hour access. 
*still first come first serve. 
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Lifetime free access to the Bucket List feature 
1st access to camping, hiking meet ups , and other events.
Trip goodie bag that includes wall adaptors  and some other fun stuff. Limitless plus gets additional benefits (depends on trip)
Visit Jeanne Marie Photography. I am also a portrait and event photographer.  Receive $125 off any session
Referral Program: For every person that completes a Wanderlust trip you get $20.00 Limitless plus ($25) members towards your next trip, future travel credit, or cash.
Image by John Schnobrich
Member travel profile. Fill this out once and save time on registrations.
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