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Group Hike


Why do I want to become a member?
Unleash the power of belonging by joining our exclusive membership, forging connections with your tribe, immersing yourself in a supportive community of fellow travelers, where you can engage in conversations, seek advice, and stay updated with valuable information. Wait??  I didn't even tell you the best part!  Discounts,  freebies, and more!!  

With memberships lasting 1 year and the option for a money-saving 2-year PLUS membership, you'll experience unrivaled benefits tailored solely for you.

Be sure to remain an active member throughout your trip/event to fully maximize trip discounts and additional advantages..  

Remember, memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, and they expire at the end of the membership period, requiring re-enrollment for continued access to this extraordinary world of opportunities.

ONLY $85.00 (value $500) for one year and ONLY $125.00 for two years (value $800)

Travel Polaroids
Limitless Members  $125-250 discount on each trip.  Limitless Plus gets $125-$450 discount on each trip
Limitless gets 24 hours access while  Limitless Plus gets 48 hour access to book. 
*still first come first serve. 
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Lifetime free access to the Bucket List feature 
1st access to camping, hiking meet ups , and other events.
Trip goodie bag that includes wall adaptors  and some other fun stuff. Limitless plus gets additional benefits (depends on trip)
Visit Jeanne Marie Photography. I am also a portrait and event photographer.  Receive $125 off any session
Referral Program: For every person that completes a Wanderlust trip you get $20.00 Limitless plus ($25) members towards your next trip, future travel credit, or cash.
Image by John Schnobrich
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