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Luxor and Giza views in one collage of Egypt.jpg

Egypt- Find your soul

November 5-15, 2024

Image by Spencer Davis

History Awaits

"The Eqyptian Pyramids are mankind's challenge to the universe, too small for the universe but too big for the humanity!"

  • Group total: 10  including Wanderlust Explorations - 1 Egyptologist/driver to assist


  • Trip Fitness level #2- lots of walking around

  • DATES: (includes travel days) 11/5/2024-11/15/2024

  • LIMITLESS MEMBERS COST: (with air) $5000.00  (without air) $4500

  • NON-MEMBER COST: (with air) $5300 (without air) $4800


  • Payment schedule is listed at bottom of this trip page as well as cancellation policy

Pricing is per person and double occupancy. Add $900 to the trip for single occupancy

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR


Traveling to Egypt is an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the rich history and culture of one of the world's oldest civilizations. From the iconic pyramids of Giza to the bustling streets of Cairo, Egypt is a destination that offers something for everyone. With its fascinating history and vibrant modern culture, Egypt is a must-visit destination for any traveler.


As we embark on a mesmerizing road trip through Egypt, we will arrive in Cairo by air and bid farewell in Aswan, eagerly seeking the enchantment and enigma that await us at every twist and turn.Giza, Luxor, and Cairo are just a few of our majestic stops.  Enjoy the beauty of the desert and background of pyramids as we embark on this epic adventure to witness these wonders of the world. 


Find your soul while walking through the Great Pyramid, explore the lands from atop a camel, have dinner on a cruise on the Nile, wake up to the sunrise with Pyramids and tombs in the shadows, tantalize your taste buds with local cuisine, and road trip with 9 other people in this once of a lifetime journey into the heart of Egypt.


Egypt is full of dreams, mysteries, and memories ~ time to be part of this! 

Egypt is a magical destination that offers a unique combination of ancient history, impressive landmarks, cultural richness, natural beauty, and a sense of mystery that captivates visitors from around the world.


Home to some of the world's most famous ancient monuments, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. Join me as we explore these iconic sites and learn about the fascinating history of ancient Egypt.

Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions as we adventure with an Egyptian local who will take us behind the scenes and off the beaten paths exploring all that Egypt has to offer. 



Never adventured with Wanderlust Explorations?

Want to know more about how group travel works, airfare, or the policies?


Check out the


Image by Ahmed Shabana


  • Cairo: Hanging Church, Mosque of Ibn Tutlun, Nile dinner cruise

  • Giza: Pyramids, the Sphinx 

  • Saqqara: The Step Pyramid

  • Minya: Tuna El Gebel

  • Dahsur: Bent and Red Pyramid

  • Dendara: Dendara Temple

  • Luxor: Vally of the Kings

  • Aswan: Temples of Philae

  • Abu Simbel: Temples of Abu Simple

Image by Alex Azabache


  • 9 nights accommodation

  • Entrance tickets to all locations 

  • Guided itinerary and our very own local Egyptian Historian

  • Photography instruction

  • Travel to all locations

  • Breakfast, some lunches, some dinners (not all) 

  • Nile Dinner Cruise

  • Riding camels

  • Egyptian Visa 

Image by AXP Photography


  • Airfare if you do not do group airfare

  • Transportation to and from out of the airport you fly out of 

  • Costs of own exploring on down time

  • any meals/drinks not included

  • Tipping for guide- this is required and a guideline will be sent out 

Image by Spencer Davis

Payment Schedule

Option 1:  13 monthly payments starting 8/1/23 of $300 each. Final Payment due: 9/1/24

Option 2:  Airline Deposit of $300 due 8/1/23

$600 on 10/1/23

$600 on 12/1/23

$800 on 2/1/24 

$600 due on 4/1/24

$800 due on 6/1/24

$600 due on 8/1/2024 

Final payment due 9/1/2024

Private Resource Page
Image by Mary Hammel

Cancellation Policy

Booking Deposits: non-refundable

120 days or more: Loss of Booking and airline deposit $700.00

90-120 days: Loss of 50% of the trip cost 

45-89 days: Loss of 75% of the trip cost

Less than 60 days: 100% loss of the trip cost. 

Any other unrecoverable costs will be added in if applicable

Travel insurance is recommended to protect your investment

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