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I'm Jeanne, the driving force behind Wanderlust Explorations, where I turn everyday moments into extraordinary adventures. Thrilled to have you here!

My journey began with a daring photographer friend nudging me to invest $6,000 in an Iceland Photography experience – a decision that sparked a love for spontaneous travel. From flash-sale flights to Switzerland to creating epic 9-day journeys through the Swiss Alps, my passion for connecting with people and embracing local experiences took flight.

Life threw a curveball with a cancer scare, but the relief of a non-cancerous result fueled my mission to see others conquer fears and live their dreams. That pivotal moment led to the birth of Wanderlust Explorations. Despite Covid setbacks, I pivoted to fitness, creating an online group that became a nationwide community, connecting through hikes, walks, and mental challenges. The joy of fostering connections inspired me to use the platform for charity, adding purpose to positivity.


"My go-to mantra is 'But did you die?'


Why? Picture this: on a challenging hike, folks may curse the difficulty, only to reach the summit and complain again. That's when I drop my line, 'But did you die?' Laughter ensues, and in that moment, they realize they conquered the challenge, tapped into their tenacity, and achieved greatness. That's the moment I live for, the soul-fueling 'ah ha' moment. You might even catch me tearing up in pure joy when it happens!

"The Universe will always have our back"

When our flights to Salt Lake City got canceled at 3 am, I orchestrated a world tour of the United States and drove overnight 4-hour drive to Zion with two hours of sleep to get us back on track so we didn’t lose our money for the gear rentals the next day.  Waking up to conquer the Narrows with spectacular weather—the kind of adventure that makes it all worthwhile."

"I may not be the perfect driver, but I guarantee you an unforgettable experience."


From the time the police played jokes on us in Ireland to taking a few wrong turns or navigating roundabouts more than once, every unexpected twist is part of the adventure. Buckle up, you never know what's in store!"


"I'll be your ultimate cheerleader, always seeing in others what they may not see in themselves."


It's perhaps why I received the best compliment ever—being called 'the enabler.'"

Will everything be perfect?

While nothing is ever perfect, imperfections make the experience. 

Will we laugh?

I hope so, even if it is at me because I am a goofball and love to have fun. 

Do you have to worry about planning anything?

Just your own personal items. Planning is my jam and I love putting things together - down to the little details. And you will know what you need to take care of.


Want to join in on all the fun? Well, what are you waiting for?! Sign up to become a member today and make all of your travel dreams come true. 

Photo by: Nick Chandley

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