I am so stoked to have you here! I am Jeanne, the traveler behind Wanderlust Explorations. I created Wanderlust Explorations to quench my love of travel and share it with others. 


I am here to help connect like-minded people through the love of travel. I want to open your eyes to amazing new experiences and adventures.  I remember the days where I had to say no to an amazing trip because I did not have the money, or my friends bailed at the last minute.  


After my trip to Iceland, a place full of undeniable beauty, I was hooked onto this newfound Wanderlust.  I ended up booking a flight to Switzerland without even knowing where I was going or what I wanted to do.  I decided I was not waiting on anyone but myself.  However, as luck would have it some friends said tell me how much I want in!!  We had a 9-day unbelievable journey through the Swiss Alps.  


After sharing many of my photos on social media, it was a frenzy of "OMG I am so jealous" "How did you afford to do this?" "I wish I had someone to travel with" and so much more.  It was also in the face of realizing that I had survived a scare of Cancer that it was time to trade money for experiences. 



Group travel is different. You have different personalities all going on one epic exploration. Will everything be perfect? While nothing is ever perfect imperfections make the experience.  Will we laugh? I hope so even if it is at me because I am a goofball and love to have fun.  Do you have to worry about planning anything? Just your own personal items. Planning is my jam and I love putting things together down to the little detail. You will know what you need to take care of.


I am here to help. Together, we can empower you to conquer your bucket list one trip at a time.  These trips are just as much a bucket list for you as it is for me.


Thanks for helping me live out my adventures too!

Photo by: Nick Chandley