My name is Jeanne Catalano and I started Wanderlust Explorations out of my sheer love of landscape photography and travel. As a photographer I began to see the world from another perspective. I experienced beauty at sheer magnitudes that one can only truly see in person. I began to enjoy the outdoors at new levels, also becoming an avid runner and hiker. Combined interests allowed me to create a way to showcase my beautiful landscapes and invite others to join in my travel adventures.  

Wanderlust Explorations  is a chance to embark on an adventure and explore places on your bucket list.  My goal is to connect like minded individuals and create long lasting memories.  I create a guided itinerary to explore as much as we can in a short time. I find the best times to go that will help capture an amazing experience for everyone. If you are a photographer, you will get the chance to photograph awe inspiring images.  These excursions are not just for photographers, this is for anyone who has a love of travel, nature,  and exploration.  My trips are rooted with nature and the outdoors perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers.  My goal is to quench your wanderlust and help mark off a bucket list item. 


My Objective


My goal is to have an amazing experience. You have one life to live and why not make the most of it. Laughter and fun will definitely not fall short on a trip with Wanderlust Explorations. I love connecting people and places. 


Each trip is anywhere between 8-14 people in order to keep group sizes small. This allows us to maximize our locations but still allow everyone in the group the chance to experience each stop without overcrowding. I also keep prices as low as possible because I want people to experience the joy I have in travelling so you can do more of it and maximize your best life. 

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