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I am making it my mission to build a business that gives back

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My adventures, my planning services, and all the behind the scenes business operations are created with my core values as the guiding principle. 

One of the core values of my business is responsible travel and giving back to the community.  Planning culturally immersive trips is central to my mission.  I prioritize  sustainability by collaborating with  local small scale businesses including guides, drivers, experiences, and lodging. This ensures a more authentic experience and the local people have a direct source of income. 


My dedication goes beyond the transaction. I invest  considerable  time establishing meaningful connections long before we go on the adventure. The impact of this is profound and emphasizes the values I place on human connection and community involvement.   

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Journey with a purpose and together we can use our collective power to make a change. 

✓Be an ethical traveler and learn about their social practices, customs, and                  culture of your destination.

✓Using green travel operators and patronize the lodgings and airlines that have        the strongest commitment to going green.

✓Support the local economy whenever possible such as markets and vendors.            Especially ones with give back programs.

✓Leave no trace. 

Traveling exposes you to diverse cultures, offering firsthand experiences that deepen your understanding and appreciation of the world. It also cultivates open-mindedness, tolerance, and acceptance, leaving you with a sense of renewal upon returning home.

Make it a priority to plan a culturally immersive adventure or just join me on a group trip. My heart goes into the planning. 

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Be part of the experience instead of an outsider looking in. 

My goal in starting my business was to showcase the beauty and culture of the places I travel. To see beyond the lens and really be present. 

I've been guilty of forming preconceptions about certain countries, only to have them shattered upon arrival. Take Africa, for instance – not typically everyone's first choice, but it absolutely should be. Its breathtaking beauty is unparalleled, and everywhere you go, you're greeted with the sound of laughter. Children play freely in the streets, radiating love for everyone they meet. People come together in perfect harmony, exuding pride for their homeland. That's the essence of the experience I crave on my adventures.

Yes there are places we have to hit the "Instagram" spots but the hidden gems within the local community are the prize anywhere we go. 


Traveling with a group creates invaluable opportunities to forge deep connections with people from varied backgrounds, fostering meaningful cultural exchanges and lifelong friendships.

We each come on these adventures for a purpose, and I firmly believe that those who are meant to join me will inevitably find their way. Our shared goal is simple: to immerse ourselves in the unfamiliar and embrace new experiences.

Throughout our journey, we'll savor exotic cuisines, stay up late to seize every moment, and share laughter that brings tears to our eyes—whether it's recalling the time I hilariously slid down a path on my backside or reminisce about the mischievous monkey that pilfered from my purse. And all of this is made richer by the companionship of fellow travelers.

I committed to an annual eco-volunteering adventure to not just give back, but  make a tangible impact as a group. By getting our hands "dirty" in service, we not only contribute positively to the environment but also strengthen the bonds within our community.

In the end to get all of this and more you just show up and let me do all the work. 

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