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What does Wanderlust Explorations really stand for?

Updated: Jul 30

My philosophy is you have one life to live. It is up to you to make it your best one. We are the co-creators of our life. I believe the power of a bucket list can set us free.

Why a bucket list?

Unlock the power of your dreams with a bucket list that knows no bounds! Don't wait until it's too late—start planning your ultimate adventure today. As kids, we wished and wished for countless things, but what if those wishes could actually become a reality? A bucket list isn't just about travel; it's a collection of experiences, big and small. Break it down into what you can do right now and what requires a bit of planning. There's no reason to say no to your dreams. Embrace the endless possibilities and welcome new experiences and incredible people into your life as you embark on your journey. Setting goals in a whole new way, I conquered thrilling milestones last summer: riding a motorcycle, paddleboarding, conquering the Triple Crown hike in Roanoke, Virginia, embarking on an epic road trip through Utah's Mighty 5 national parks, and taking the leap into my own business. Your bucket list awaits—let's make every moment count!

How does it relate to Wanderlust Explorations?

Embrace the never-ending adventure of my bucket list—it's like an endless buffet of excitement in this wild ride called life! And you know what's even better? By pursuing my dreams, I get to drag others along for the ride. That's exactly why I founded Wanderlust Explorations, my super-awesome company. Sure, I'm all about traveling, but hey, life has way more to offer in various flavors. Wanderlust means having an insatiable craving to travel and explore, while Explorations means trying new things and venturing into the unknown.

But here's the juicy part—I believe in connecting fellow wanderers, challenging them to step out of their cozy comfort zones. Through epic travel experiences and mind-blowing events, I create adventures that won't break the bank. Who needs money to hold them back from living their best life? Not on my watch!

Oh, did I mention that I'm also a photographer? Yep, still chasing that wild dream of snapping a National Geographic-worthy photo. But in the meantime, I teach others how to capture moments like a pro. Because whether it's with a fancy camera or your trusty cell phone, every second is worth capturing, my friend!

But wait, there's more! I firmly believe in doing good and spreading kindness like confetti. That's why Wanderlust Explorations is all about giving back to the world. Because when you sprinkle goodness out there, it bounces right back at ya!

So, let's ditch the materialistic nonsense and embrace the bigger picture. Life is meant to be lived, experienced, and cherished. Join me on this incredible journey with Wanderlust Explorations, and let's make memories that'll make our grandkids say, "Whoa, Grandma/Grandpa was one heck of a legend!"

The true meaning of my logo

I even incorporated magic into my logo. The long road through the mountains signifies what we are capable of. We had to create those roads. We will always have mountains in our lives, but we are also the only ones who can find the way up or around our obstacles. The tree has a meaning of physical and spiritual nourishment symbolizing life and growth.

Each color is a part of the chakras which is the connection between mind, spirit, and body. Yellow represents the solar plexus and is related to personal power and esteem. This is our energy center and allows us determination and fire within us. My teal is a combination of blue and green which is the heart and throat. True voice and the ability to love and be loved. Lastly pink a variation of red which is the root and allows the passion, strength, and balance and the white which is connecting you to your higher soul, your purpose, and the universe.

Wanderlust Explorations logo and branding colors

Putting it all together

You know what people ask me? "Why you?" Well, let me tell you—I'm living my wildest dreams and ticking off my bucket list one adventure at a time, all thanks to my kickass company! Every single thing I do is for the sheer joy it brings into my own life, and hey, if it resonates with others along the way, that's just a bonus!

But here's the deal—I'm on a mission to show people that this world is like a giant playground waiting to be explored. There's a whole universe of experiences out there, and guess what? It's never too late to jump on the adventure train!

Oh, and let me drop some wisdom on you—I firmly believe that positivity is like a boomerang of awesomeness. I want the energy and magic of what I do to radiate and touch the lives of everyone around me. Yeah, I might be just one person, but let me tell you, one person can do some seriously mind-blowing things. All it takes is one spark of passion to ignite the change you want to see in the world.

So buckle up, my friend! Life is too short to play small. Let's unleash our inner superheroes and create a tidal wave of awesomeness that'll rock this world like never before!

Like one of my favorite movie lines is What and If are two words as non-threatening as words can be. Put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.” (Sophie Hall Letters to Juliet)

What if? What if?

I don’t want to live my life saying what if!

What say you?

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