Bali: Eat, Laugh, Live

Visit and explore the Indonesian Archipelago, Bali for a 6 day 6 night exploration of this tropical paradise. 

Soft white sand will caress your feet as you stand gazing at a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Limestone cliffs, hidden waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and a culture that will envelop you with the true magic of the Balinese history. 

 Expand your horizons with the spirituality of the Balinese, bask yourselves in the shadows of epic temples with history intertwined in every stone, and be enthralled with the magical colors of everchanging seascapes. 

Join us on this epic adventure of Bali, Indonesia.  

I think it is about time to create our own Eat, Pray, Love adventure!

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Trip Summary


Over the course of 6 days we will be traversing through 3 key locations in Bali: Kuta, Ubud, and the island of Nusa Penida. 


Starting off in Kuta we will get to experience city culture at its finest with artistic vibes throughout the city, dancers, craftspeople and more.  One night we will explore the magic of a Kecak fire dance show. 

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We will spend up to two days exploring the amazing city of Ubud.  Ubud is the spiritual city seen in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Experience the magic of Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, one of Ubud’s most sacred places; a natural forest sanctuary that is home to around 400 grey long- tailed macaques.  We will feast our eyes upon the layers of wonder of the Tegalalang Rice Terraces and the coffee planatations.  Later on we will visit the famous Tirta Empul Water Temple and tramp through the jungle to explore the magical hidden waterfalls of Bali. 


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It will not be a trip to Bali without hopping a boat to the Island of Nusa Penida. ‘Penida’, is known for being a part of Bali that remains untouched, and overgrowing with unspoiled natural beauty.  Stunning, white sand beaches surrounded by a dramatic landscape is perfect for a beach escape.  We will experience the magic of Angel Billabong, Broken Beach, the famous Kelingking T-Rex coastal cliff lines, waterfalls and so much more. 

Basic Itinerary:  *all is subject to change, not in specific order, dependent on weather, and our key highlights

June 22nd: Fly out of Washington D.C.

June 23rd: Arrive late at night unwind at lodging in Kuta 

June 24th:

Breakfast at lodging in Kuta, explore Kuta area/sunset at the beach, Uluwatu Temple fire dance

June 25th:

Hike Mount Batur (volcanic mountain) for sunrise, Coffee Plantation,  Tirta Empul Temple (holy water temple), Tibuman Waterfall, Lodging in Ubud

June 26th:

Ubud exploration, Yoga, Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Field, Ubud City

Lodging in Ubud

June 27th: 

Nusa Penida Island, Tree house, Thousand Islands, Peguyangan Waterfall 

Atuh Beach, Lodging on the island

June 28th: Day 2 on the island

Sunrise at Klingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong beach, snorkeling 

June 29th: Back to Ubud

Ulun Danu Temple, Sunset at Padang-Padang Beach 


June 30th: Before we fly out

Explore anything we missed on Itinerary

July1st: Return to D.C

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 Bali Exploration

  • .June 22- July 1, 2022 *this includes travel days  

  •  6 days/6 nights (not including travel days)

  • Places available: 10  1 guides

  • COST: (w/airfare)  $3000 pp

  • COST: (w/out airfare) $2700.00 pp

  • SAVE $100.00 : LIMITLESS Member Pricing:  $100 savings off the full price.  (Sign up today!)

  • Booking Deposit:  $200.00 

  • Flexible payment schedule will be emailed. Last payment is due 60 days prior to departure

All pricing is per person and based on double occupancy

Wanderlust Explorations Highlights


  • Kuta

  • Ubud

  • Nusa Penida

  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace

  • Monkey Forest

  • Tirta Empul Water Temple

  • Hidden Waterfalls


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Tickets to all locations (if it is required)

  • Guided Itinerary and instruction (if needed)

  • Travel to locations

  • Some Meals 



What is not included

  • Airfare if you do not do group travel

  • Transportation to and from the airport you fly out of

  • Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

  • Any costs of your own exploring as we move to each location

Activity/Fitness Level

  • Between a 2 and a 1. 

  • A 3 if you do the morning hike with me. 

Activity/Fitness Key:

#5: OMG! I need oxygen. WTF my legs are like rubber. What was I thinking?

#4: I don't think I am gonna make it. I may need Bengay and a hot bath tonight.

#3: Out of breath. I may need to take up more spin classes when I get back.  Hey at least I am getting my steps in.

#2: I will sleep good tonight.

#1: Just got to put my shoes on, get up, and go. 

Cancellation Policy 

  • 91 days or more prior to departure: Loss of initial deposit of $200.00

  • 61-90 days: loss of 50% of  trip cost 

  • 40-60 days: loss of 60% of trip cost

  • Less than 39 days 100% loss of trip cost 

  • To protect your investment travel insurance is highly recommended.

Payment schedule for Bali

  • Deposit: $ 200 due upon booking

  • Deposit airlines: $200 due August 1, 2021

  • Payment 1: $500 due October 1, 2021 

  • Payment 2: Must have 50% of total trip cost paid by  January 1,  2021

  • Payment 3: $500.00 due  March 1, 2022 

  • Payment 4: trip is to be paid in full by  April  30, 2022. 


** You can always pay more or pay off at anytime.

Late payments will have a $30.00 late penalty added to payment total. 



Key information

  • We will be road tripping around Bali and there will be significant amount of walking.  Many of the treks and cliffs will require walking and some incline hikes or you can view it from a distance. 

  • All trips/outings are rain or shine.

  • Sunrises and sunsets are must dos when travelling through this Tropical Paradise but you get to choose to sleep in.

  • We will be staying in different locations most nights in order to maximize seeing the highlights of Bali.

  • This trip is geared specifically for the traveler, the photographer, the historian, and the nature lover.  We will be traveling as a group in  1 local bus /van and have times at each location to explore on your own and enjoy your adventure. If you want to learn or improve your photography I will be there to help at each location.

  • Each night opportunities to eat in town will be provided for you to join as a group or venture on your own.  

  • This adventure will have lots of downtime at night. You definitely want to do some self exploration or just enjoy a cocktail outside. 



  • Each night we will be in a different location.  Double occupancy rooms unless noted.  Extra $800.00 for single occupancy room.  Lodging will be unique to Bali and its culture.


Getting there

  • GROUP AIRFARE: If the trip has 10 or more travelers, the Company offers group booking for airline travel, the cost of which is included in the Total Cost of the trip. The group airline travel service requires a non-refundable $200.00 deposit to secure the airline contract within 60 days after your initial registration date. For this option, Wanderlust-Explorations contracts directly with the airline carrier selected by the Company based on the unique needs of the trip. The factors considered while selecting an airline will include, but not limited to the airline’s reviews, travel availability and schedule to the desired location, and cost. The Company will communicate with you which airline carrier has been chosen  prior to the departure date once contracts are secured. The tickets will be issued approximately 30 days prior to the departure date.  Benefits: you do not have to do a thing including booking and issuing tickets.  Wanderlust Explorations handles it all. 


  • BOOK YOUR OWN AIR:  When selecting this option, it is the responsibility of the traveler to arrive at the trip meeting point at the date and time required for the beginning of the trip. Wanderlust-Explorations will not delay the trip if a traveler does not arrive at the departure point on time.  You will need to ensure you are in Bali for pick up with the group by 9am on June 24, 2022. 



  • It is summer time! Lot's of sunshine and one of the best months to go.  High temps of 79-80 degrees.  I say bring on the tan!  Remember the sunglasses.

Gear to Bring

  • A camera or go pro. Remember what you bring you carry.  If you are a photographer like me, I will be bringing a light weight pocket size tripod so I can capture some amazing images along the way. 

  • In June it is summer! Tropical clothes and  sandals here we come. If you are hiking please bring trail sneakers.  While sandals may be awesome to wear I would still bring a pair of comfortable shoes.  Some locations will require walking.  What is awesome is summer clothes means lighter bags. Do not forget a bathing suit.  Do not worry about the spiritual clothing we will need for some locations we can rent or buy cheaply there since they are particular  due to the culture.  If you like yoga, bring yoga pants.

  • Sunscreen please do not forget. I do not want to have anyone BBQed. 

  • Pajamas: many of you have room mates that may not want a show

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