So you wanna hike the Triple Crown Backpacking Style?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

By Jeanne I 6/20-6/22/2021

The Triple Crown Hike is definitely a bucket list item. Here are my words of wisdom: do not wing this hike and understand the definition of incline. The Appalachian packs a punch.

As the organizer of the hike you would think I would be the most prepared person. I am the queen of planning but I am human, full of excitement and holy #$%^ am I really doing this energy I brain farted on a few things.

Gear is critical. Less is more. It doesn't matter if your outfits match because in a few hours everything smells anyways. Lesson learned: when hiking in a group all 4 people do not need a roll of toilet paper. Next time we will group share some supplies to save on storage space and weight.

Life Straw you need it. Anytime you hike.

Food: That is the most important thing. I over bought way to much stuff without really knowing what I wanted to eat and I ended up wasting a lot of food. PS if you go with a group share the food. Remember if you don't eat it all you have to pack it out. Personally that is gross. I didn't want my spaghetti sitting in my pack for 3 days. I did not like some of my food choices so yes I am going to make my own test tasting video (stay tuned) so I can buy the food I like and need calorie wise.

Tent and sleeping bag: buy once cry once. Get the light weight gear. If it is twice the length of your back pack it is NOT a back packing tent. Remember what you put in and on your bag you have to carry. Even though my tent, bag, and pad weighed about 12 lbs. all together that was too much. Gives me an excuse to shop.

Water: Lesson learned next time have a bladder built into your bag. I used my running bladder and that was just uncomfortable under by pack. Not only that I had a 73 ounce water bottle since it was summer weather.

Headed to the Triple Hike: ETA 5 hours

Many people joked that I had a contingency plan. Let's just say that plan was executed when it was 85 degrees much hotter than anticipated, no rain, and someone had to drop due to an injury. It allowed them to go and the rest of us to continue on. Want to know my plans in detail? Head to my download for the free guide.

We started the hike with Dragon's tooth with just our day pa