Virginia's Creeper Trail Bike Ride

This bike trail is calling your name. 

Time to cross the Virginia Creeper Trail off your bucket list!

Virginia's Creeper trail is a spectacular 34 mile gentle ride down from White top station to Abingdon, VA.  The route is an old railroad bed and is named for the steam engine that once used this trail.  Of course it is also named after the lovely vine that happens to be everywhere.  Many railways were abandoned in the 1970s so a coalition of people secured this route and this trail was born in 1987.  

The trail starts in Abingdon and meanders up lots of rolling hills to the highest point at White Top Station near Mount Rogers.  This is why we are taking a shuttle and riding down.  Riding down is perfect for all skill levels because it is one of those stop, take pictures, take breaks, enjoy the scenery type of bike rides. 

Take time to un plug and enjoy one of the most scenic bike trails in the nation. 

Virginia Creeper Trail July 31, 2021 

 We will be meeting at the bike rental/shuttle place (you will be emailed once reservation is made) by 8am.  The shuttle is about 1-1.5 hours to White Top where we will begin our 34 mile bike ride.  White Top is an elevation of 3500 feet. We will be dropping at 1900 feet as we meander down into Damascus and stop for lunch. Then the other 17 miles back to Abingdon. 

Everyone is at there own pace.  We may all be in a group we may meander at different times. It is our own day.  There are many stops along the way, take pictures, take a break, grab water, hang out.  This is a 34 mile bike ride.  

However: contingency if you can't make it or do not want to finish you can stop in Damascus at 17 miles and call the shuttle company and have them pick you up.  

It will take 3-5 hours to bike all the way down depending on you and how you want your ride to look. 

This is an easy adventure for all ages even if you haven't been on a bike for awhile. 


Rest of the weekend options: 

Friday night: I recommend getting into town Friday night. From Hampton Roads it is a 6.5 hour drive down to Abingdon. 

Saturday night you can stay in Abingdon, drive home, or camp. 

Most likely I am going to camp Saturday night and find a good hike in the area for Sunday morning.   If you are interested in the hike I am doing or where I am camping please join me.  I will send all this info and give lots of suggestions to make planning easy for you. 

Sunday I am headed home after hiking but you can make your weekend however you want. This area has so many things to do and explore. 


This event is more of a meet up.  I am putting it together and coordinating the reservations so we can all start together.  This is a customizable weekend.  Head down Friday night or Saturday AM just be there by 8am or you will miss the shuttle.  Stay Saturday night visit, camp, hike, go home.  It is up to you. 

The shuttle is 23.00 a person and the bike rental with shuttle is 35.00 for a mountain bike. Helmets are included with bike rental. If you are bringing your own bike you need to make sure you have everything you need. 

The shuttle and rental will be paid for onsite. I will be making the group reservation on my credit card to secure it since it will book up. 

This is a rain or shine event unless it is hailing or hurricane weather then I will definitely reschedule it. 

Once you register so I can make sure I have everything to book the right reservation so we get our group discount, I will be emailing everyone out lots of suggestion for lodging and things to do. Plus Ill share my plan and anyone is welcome to join me. 





Key information

  • We will be riding a bike which is physical fitness. 

  • All trips/outings are rain or shine unless it is massive downpour.

  • Information such as preparation and any other key points will be emailed out before the trip. 

  • You will be responsible for getting to meeting point.



  • You have air b n b, lodging , bed and breakfast, bring an RV, camp, drive to and from (it is your choice)


Getting there

  • Depending on where you are coming from Hampton Roads  6 .5 hours drive.  Tennessee up to 5 hours depending on where you are coming from.


  • It is  early summer. It will be hot. There will be bugs. There may be rain. Bring water  

Gear to Bring

  • If you have a bike bring it with whatever you need with your bike. I recommend a water bottle.  If you don't have a bike they will have a rental. 

Virginia Creeper Trail  


  • July 31, 2021

  • COST: Free. You will pay for your bike rental and or shuttle, food, lodging, anything extra 

Wanderlust Explorations Highlights


  • Abingdon

  • Damascus

  • White Top

  • Everything in between 


  • Shuttle will be reserved (you pay when you get there)

  • Bike rentals if needed will be reserved (you pay when you get there)

Trail Facts: 

  • Length: 34 Miles

  • Duration: a few hours

  • Elevation: It is down hill so very minor up hill elevation

  • Difficulty Level: easy/moderate

Activity/Fitness Level

  • I would say depending on your fitness level #1-2

Activity/Fitness Key:

#5: OMG! I need oxygen. WTF my legs are like rubber. What was I thinking?

#4: I don't think I am gonna make it. I may need Bengay and a hot bath tonight.

#3: Out of breath. I may need to take up more spin classes when I get back.  Hey at least I am getting my steps in.

#2: I will sleep good tonight.

#1: Just got to put my shoes on, get up, and go. 

Cancellation Policy

Please email me if you can no longer go no later than 7/27/2021.  Since this is a limited event I would love to get someone else to go to fill the spot.