ACADIA: Road trip to Maine!

Updated: Jul 11

Why visit Acadia?

Not only is Acadia a National Park but truly is a hidden gem in the beautiful state of Maine. Acadia changes with the seasons captivating you every time you go. Full of flora and animals, each part of Acadia showcases a different landscape, beach, rocks, mountains, and forest all in one place. It is also a small enough park that you can finish it in a few days and have time to explore the surrounding areas like Bar Harbor or take a ferry to Nova Scotia. This quiet area nestled in the heart of the Northeast is a place you can never get enough of. Challenging hikes, easy walks, camping in the heart of the park, and close enough to the towns for city exploration.

Hikes: How to maximize your time

Pick out what you want to do before you go. We grouped hikes together so we weren't driving all over the park to the trail heads and then matched it to weather. We ended up doing Beehive, Ocean trail (sand beach to otter point), North and South Bubble and added the entire Jordan Pond loop, Gorham Mountain, and then the Indian Preserve right outside the park to see the big Adirondack Chairs. Unfortunately Precipice was closed due to Eagle Nesting.

To fill our time around hikes we did the full Park Loop Road. We were in and out of Bar Harbor shopping and eating lol. We even hit the Bar Harbor lighthouse right before sunset hoping it might happen (it didn't) but still a great stop. Make sure to walk to the left of the parking lot and walk down the path all the way down to the rocks. That is where you get the best photograph.

BOOK Cadillac mountain in advance. If you do not want to hike all the way up it is a timed reservation system for sunrise, sunset, and just day visiting. We could not get sunrise but WOW did we get sunset. We went early to see Cadillac in the beautiful sunshine but we brought a picnic dinner and drove to the lower parking lot for Blue overlook. Worth it. We got the best view overlooking the mountain and sunset just poured all over us.

Where to stay?

If you love camping I highly recommend Blackwood's Campground. It

was in the heart of Acadia and within 20-25 minutes driving of everything we did.

(you need advance reservations) It also had their own private ocean path that we

got to see the most EPIC sunrise and it was a 10 minute walk.

Or you can stay in Bar Harbor. We did both so we could have a shower before heading home and we wanted to walk all over town. Bar Harbor is definitely worth spending the day walking around. Great street photography and of course ALL things blueberry since that is the highlight of Maine. You must try Jordan's Restaurant. Hands down the best blueberry pancakes with homemade maple syrup I have ever had.

Final Thoughts

You only live once. Don't be afraid to climb to the highest peak. Sleep on a trip is over rated. Find your tribe of people who enjoy similar things and push them to do new things. Adventure often. Create memories. Live your bucket list!

PS you have to try the Beehive trail. 1.2 miles straight up the mountain for some excellent technical adventure.

Don't forget to check out my Acadia Photo Album.