Mighty 5 Utah Adventure

Get ready to embark on an epic 5 day 919 mile road trip to explore Utah's Mighty 5: Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches.  Flying in and out of Salt Lake City we will have the experience of a life time as we road trip and explore all that Utah has to offer. The Mighty 5 represents the 5 largest National Parks in Utah.  In order to maximize every day to its fullest this will be a sunrise sunset type adventure.  Some of the best hikes and photos are done at sunrise and sunset.  Each location we will hit a couple key hikes as well as many drive by locations.  Time depending we might explore things along the way. 

Get ready to hike, camp and immerse yourself completely in nature as we conquer this bucket list adventure. 


Road trip Overview: 

This adventure will start and end in Salt Lake City Utah. 

November 8, 2021: Flights shall be booked into Salt Lake City airport.  Pick up from Salt Lake City Utah is 2pm.  The vehicle rental is right at the airport. We will be heading 4 hours straight to Zion.  We will check into the local inn which has the infamous bumbleberry pie. At some point along the way we will stop to grab snacks and items for lunch for our day packs while hiking. We will then have a group dinner by walking to one of the local venues that is right down the street.   

November 9th- We will enjoy a fresh cooked breakfast at the inn at 7am. We will then head into Zion right after.  Most likely taking a 9am shuttle.  We will spend the day hiking starting off with the Narrow which is about a 5 mile roundtrip hike.  This will mean wading in cold water to get through the slot canyon but it is a hike you do not want to miss.  We will then do a lot of the drive and stops along the scenic trail and end the day with another hike. This is to be determined as I have to enter a lottery to get access if not I have a back up hike.  We will be doing primitive back country camping in Zion which will be a 1 mile estimate hike to a campsite.  Location to be determined within Zion park. 

November 10th We will wake up for a sunrise hike Canyon Overlook (1.2 miles minor incline) to witness the first lights hitting the East temple.   We will then head to breakfast outside the park and make our way to Bryce Canyon.

Zion to Bryce is 72 miles about 1.5 hours of driving. 

Once we get to Bryce we will kick off with the Queens Garden Hike a 2 mile hike followed by Mossy Cave Trail a 1 mile hike.   We will then take the Southern Scenic drive which is 18 miles. There are 9 viewpoints we will stop at.   One includes the Natural Bridge.  The viewpoints have little to no walks to see them but many of them do not have hiking access.  We will head to watch sunset at Sunset Point.  We will then head to have dinner near our local lodging where we can shower up and have a comfortable bed to sleep in.  What's nice is these cabins will sure give you the country mountain effect nestled between the red rocks and mountainside.


November 1lth:  We will head back to Bryce to watch the at Sunrise point.  We will hit any hikes we missed the day before. We will eat breakfast and then head to Capitol Reef. 

Bryce to Capitol Reef is 116 miles 2.5 hours. 

We will start with the scenic drive tour which is 16 miles with plenty to see along the way including the Fruita Historic District and many orchards. We will take the Gorge
 spur roads and do that short hike Capitol Gorge which is about 2.2 miles round trip where you can see canyons and historic inscriptions.  We will then head to hike Hickman Bridge which is a 133 foot natural bridge. This is a moderate 2 miles round trip hike.  We will head to sunset at one of the view points.   We will be doing dispersed back country camping outside of the park tonight. 

November 12th:  We will wake up for Sunrise in the park if we missed anything before heading out to  Canyonlands.  

Canyonlands is 144 miles 2.16 hours from Capitol Reef.  

Canyonlands has four main districts Island in the Sky, Needles, Maze, and the Rivers.  We will be hitting pretty much something from all four.  There will be a combination of driving and hiking in the park.  Several Highlights is Druid Hill, Grandview Point, Shafer Canyon, Greenriver overlook and more.  

This will be a second back to back night camping because you have to wake up to the hoodoos and red rocks.   We will all smell I am sure but that is ok.  We will be on an amazing adventure in nature. 


November 13th  We will hike to see the Mesa Arch at Sunrise which is a 1.2 mile round trip hike.  We will then get breakfast and head to Arches National Park. 

From Canyonlands to Arches it is 26 miles 30 minutes. 

Arches national park is full of hoodoos, sandstone rocks, and massive mesas.  There are several key hikes we will be hitting.   Devils Garden, Park Avenue, Windows Arch, Balanced rock and of course the most famous Delicate Arch for Sunset.   Each hike has epic views of life through the arches and will make for great photos.  

Great way to end this trip. We have a very unique lodging.  It is a local hotel that was designed as an expedition site.  I love that we can relax have a hot shower and have a nice dinner together for our final night. 

November 14th we head back to Salt Lake City to fly home. Will be looking to fly out late morning. 


​Mighty 5 Utah Adventure 


  • November 8, 2021 -November 14, 2021

  • 5 days /6 nights (travel days 11/8 and 11/14)

  • Trip size: 7 travelers 1 guide

  • COST: $850 pp

  • Non- Refundable booking Deposit:  $100.00  

  • Flexible payment schedule is listed below. 

Pricing is all per person and based on double occupancy

Wanderlust Explorations Highlights


  • Arches

  • Canyonlands

  • Zion

  • Bryce

  • Capitol Reef 

  • some stops along the way 


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Tickets/permits to all locations (if it is required)

  • Guided Itinerary and instruction (if needed)

  • Travel to locations

What is not included

  • Airfare

  • Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

  • Any costs of your own exploring as we move to each location

  • Camping and hiking equipment

  • Travel Insurance

Activity/Fitness Level

  • #3 We will be doing a lot of walking and sitting in a car for the road trip

  • Some things may require incline walking/hiking.

Activity/Fitness Key:

#5: OMG! I need oxygen. WTF my legs are like rubber. What was I thinking?

#4: I don't think I am gonna make it. I may need Bengay and a hot bath tonight.

#3: Out of breath. I may need to take up more spin classes when I get back.  Hey at least I am getting my steps in.

#2: I will sleep good tonight.

#1: Just got to put my shoes on, get up, and go. 

Cancellation Policy

  • 91 days or more: loss of initial $100.00 deposit 

  • 61-90 days: loss of 50% of trip cost 

  • 40-60 days: loss of 60% of trip cost

  • Less than 39 days 100% loss of trip cost 

  • To protect your investment travel insurance is highly recommended.

Payment schedule for

Mighty 5

  • Deposit: $ 100 due upon booking

  • Payment 1: $200 due  July 20th, 2021 

  • Payment 2: $200 due by August 20th, 2021

  • Payment 3: $200.00 due Sept. 20th, 2021

  • Payment 4: trip is to be paid in full by October 15th, 2021.

**you can always pay more or in full at any time. Payment methods will be sent via email. 

Late payments will have a $30.00 late penalty added to payment total. 




Key information

  • We will be road tripping around Utah. There will be significant amount of walking.  Many hikes are incline and do not have parking lots out front.  We will also be in a van for several hours per day as minimal as possible. 

  • All trips/outings are rain or shine and it will be long days.

  • Sunrises and sunsets are must dos to safely hike and see nature at its finest. 

  • We will be staying in different locations as we road trip around Utah. We are camping in tents (yes you will need to bring one) and sleeping in local lodging. 

  • This trip is geared specifically for the traveler, the photographer, the historian, and the nature lover.  We will be traveling as a group in 1 van which will have allotted times at each location to explore on your own and enjoy your adventure. If you want to learn or improve your photography I will be there to help at each location.

  • Each night there may be opportunities to eat in town or to go if we are camping.

  • Information such as packing lists, gear,  and any other key points will be emailed out over the next few months. 

  • Itineraries are subject to change based on extreme weather or things beyond our control. 



  • Each night we will be in a different location.  Double occupancy rooms unless noted.  Extra $400.00 for single occupancy room.  Lodging will be unique to Utah and will not be 5 star hotels.  It will be a mix between lodging and primitive camping. 


Getting there

  • AIRFARE:  Everyone will need to book their own air fare.  Once I book mine I will provide the meeting times at the airport. You will need to be there by that time. If you want to fly with me there will be an option and the airfare money will be due when I book my ticket. I will then provide you with the ticket confirmations once booked. 


  • It is Fall. With that be prepared for rain off and on. Temperatures are typically between 45-60 degrees. This could change.

Gear to Bring

  • A camera , go pro, or cell phone. You do not want to NOT take pictures.  Remember what you bring you carry.  If you are a photographer like me, I will be bringing a light weight pocket size tripod so I can capture some amazing images along the way. 

  • Since Fall has fluctuating temperatures,  bring a mix of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. I recommend a hoodie and most importantly a light waterproof jacket.  Depending on what you think is cold,  a hat and or a thermal layer.  Layers are good since the weather changes.  It is important for these layers because the weather is unpredictable until about 2 weeks out.   Do not forget water proof.  Shoes I typically will travel with a hiking sneaker so that I have the comfort of a sneaker but the grip for when I do not follow the beaten path. 

  • Camping Gear:  You will need a tent that you can carry for up to 2 miles, sleeping bag/quilt, sleeping pad, hiking or trail shoes, proper clothes for hiking, pillow, flashlight/headlamp.  This goes on the plane with you so don't go overboard just your basic simple back country primitive packing.