Lofoten Islands: An Arctic Adventure

Winter storms create new challenges and dynamic changes to the landscapes. Norwegian history is intertwined in every piece of architecture, rock formation, and more.  Come experience these Arctic moods with us, in a wonderland filled with a sky of pastel colors and snow falling down. Lofoten Islands Artic Adventure is an epic way to see the hidden beauty and pops of color amongst this snowy white landscape.

The Lofoten Islands consist of seven principal islands with the area of land covering about 474 square miles.  The natural beauty of this incredible landscape  creates a visual masterpiece with colorful fjords, epic beaches, jagged mountainscapes and the culture of these amazing fishing villages.  This is any nature lover and photographers dreamscape. Perhaps we will have the chance to also experience the Aurora  Borealis (the Northern Lights), as she dances seductively on the night skies waiting to be seen......

Trip Summary


This magical adventure will start and end in Evenes, Norway.  Your adventure kicks off with a 4 hour drive (weather permitting) to the Lofoten Islands to witness the winter landscape and famous bridge connecting Norway with an epic view of the islands before crossing in.  Once we check in for the first night we will head out for a group welcome dinner. 

With 14 travelers this is still an intimate setting.  At each location there will be a very reasonable time limit so that way everyone can do whatever they want but still be courteous to the other travelers.  This allows us to pack in a lot but still relax and savor the environment. You can also opt out of anything and not go with the van and do your own thing in the village. 



We will be staying in 1 or 2  large houses/cabins in close proximity to each other which will allow us to have free WiFi and a kitchen. Eating in Norway is extremely expensive, so this will allow us to save on food costs.  We will be eating dinner in and out, depending on the night and it will always be your choice to come or stay.

 There is so much beauty by each lodging location you can stay and shoot for hours right outside the front door.  Our base camps will be Ballstad  Area for 3 nights then moving to Reine area for 3 nights.   Most excursions through the islands are close to lodging or up to 2 hours each way and back.  Lodging assignments will not be provided until much closer to the trip time.  Each bedroom  has a double bed for the couples  or 2 twins for double occupancy.  Each group will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the house. The house needs to remain in the same condition as we arrived.  

I will be looking at the awesome local places to eat and will negotiate whatever discounts I can. 😊


  • Norway: Lofoten Islands: An Artic Adventure

  • February 18-February 25, 2020 

  • 6 nights/6 days

  • Places available: SOLD OUT

  • Trip cost with Group Airfare:  $2000

  • Non-refundable deposit: $400.00 

Please review terms and conditions before booking. 

Wanderlust Explorations Highlights


  • Hamnoy Bridge

  • Reine

  • Beaches of Uttakleiv, Haukland, Vikten, and Unstad

  • Tind

  • Sakisroy

  • Fjords and Mountains

  • Lots of winter landscapes

  • Hoping for the Northern Lights

  • Ballstad


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Tickets to all locations (if it is required)

  • Guided Itinerary and instruction (if needed)

  • Travel to locations

  • Group airfare out of Washington D.C


What is not included

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transportation to and from the D.C airport 

  • Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

  • Any costs of your own exploring as we move to each location

Trip Highlights:

Due to the nature of a winter landscape there will not be a set day to day itinerary.  We will go out every day as long as it is safe to do so. At night every chance we can we will chase the northern lights.  About 60 days out from the trip I will email out a tentative day by day ideal schedule that understandaby will be tweaked for weather. 

However due to changes in daylight hours we will make the most out of every sunrise and sunset. 


While in Ballstad:  some of the highlights will be the Beaches of Uttakleiv, Haukland, Vikten, and Unstad at different dawn and dusk situations.  Weather depending we will try to get to the ridgelines to shoot some epic scenery below. Ballstad Harbour is a great way to see the scenery along the Norwegian Coastline and see the fishing boats arrive. 


While in Reine: Reine is one of the most picturesque villages with culture, fjords, and iconic mountainscapes.  Colorful Rorbuer cabins line the snowy backdrops.  We will explore nearby fishing villages on foot of Sakisroy and Tind which provide changes in color where fishing racks line the rocks in front of epic mountains in the background.   We will hit the famous Flakstad Beach to view the rock pools and patterns of snow and ice in the sand.  


Hamnøy– the Oldest and Most Picturesque

We will end the journey back in Evenes to catch our flights home.


Key information

  • We will be in two vans driven by myself and another guide who have lived and driven in snowy and icy weather. There will be significant amount of walking and exposure to artic/winter temperatures and winter/snowy terrain. 

  • All trips/outings are weather permitting but will be in snow unless it is too dangerous. 

  • Sunrises and sunsets are must dos when traveling through this Iconic landscapes

  • This is also a social group outing to connect with fellow travelers

  • The Northern lights is not guaranteed and the weather will be unpredictable

  • Each night at your preference, you'll have the opportunity to eat in town or cook at the lodging facility

  • Lunches will be out on location wherever we end up tasting the local flavor



There will be 3 nights lodging in Ballstad and 3 nights in Reine.  There will be two sets of lodging per city. Each room will have a roommate unless you opt for single room lodging which is $800.00 more per week. 


Getting there:

  • Airline tickets are booked with Icelandair and Norwegian Airlines. Airline schedules, ticket information, and payment schedule to pay off the airline tickets will be emailed after registration.  Bags are included no extra fees.  Only one checked bag  and one carry on (this includes camera bag) per traveler due to van space limitations. Travel is out of Washington D.C.  Dulles Airport. 



Packing and Preparation:


download this handy  information here.