The Alaskan Frontier

It’s time to cultivate your sense of serenity and allow your curiosity to adventure into a true wilderness. There is a place that is majestic and wild. A breathtaking country of own. Known as the Last Frontier, it is the home to untamed and untouched wilderness.  Alaska is packed with staggering mountains, big game wildlife, historic mining communities and towering icebergs. While ice only covers 5% of Alaska's surface, there are more than 100,000 glaciers.

Road tripping through the remote wilderness and exploring the endless landscapes is what this trip has to offer.  It is time to live for the moments you can't put into words and join us on a 6-day 7-night magical journey around Alaska and discover what dreams are made of. Come and seek a great perhaps while nature flows herself through you.

Join us on a 6-day 7-night magical journey around Alaska and discover what dreams are made of.


Trip Summary 

 We will fly into Anchorage (located in Southcentral Alaska) and road trip on the most famous scenic roadways with unimaginable views along the way.  Utilizing two vans will allow us to stop and jump out at every ounce of remote beauty we encounter.


Starting fresh on October 2-3,2020: we will explore all that Anchorage has to offer such as the Wildlife Conservation center where we can see wildlife in a safe natural environment. Chutagh Mountain Flat Top has a beautiful scenic view too beautiful to describe.  Then we will travel south of to the city of Whittier.  We will experience the Prince William Sound, numerous glaciers, and Whittier's Harbor via a glacier cruise.  Up early for a magical sunrise we will visit Portage Pass and those wanting to hike 3 miles can reach Portage Lake for miraculous views of the reflective mountains and landscapes. 


October 3-4, 2020: we will head to Seward, 2 more hours south and explore Exit Glacier with optional hike to Harding Ice  Field. The city of Seward prides itself on its natural beauty as Alaska's only deep water ice free port. 

October 5-6, 2020: We will make our way towards Talkeetna, a historic pioneer town where we will take an optional flightseeing tour of Denali.  Nestled in the woods will be where we get to learn and try out dog sledding. Natural lakes and mountains surround this tiny town. 


October 6-7, 2020: The city of Palmer has the amazing musk ox tour and the historic Independence Gold Mines. We will traverse to picturesque Hatcher's Pass as well as Knick Glacier and Matanuska Glacier through self guided explorations. Ice cleats will be provided for anyone who wants to walk and explore any glaciers for safety. 

October 7-8, 2020: Head back to Anchorage to fly out on the 8th.  will 

Due to weather and or/availability of tickets this itinerary may be changed around.


 Driving will be broken up by lots of stopping as we will experience all that the beaten path has to offer.  Each night we will attempt to chase the Northern Lights as they are strongest after September when Alaska has the dark nights again.  Hopefully we see some bears and moose but wilderness is as unpredictable as the weather.  Ending back in Anchorage will end the most epic of road tripping journeys. 


  • The Alaskan Frontier 

  • Oct. 1- Oct.8, 2020 *includes travel days

  •  6 days/7 nights

  • Places available: (16) 7 remaining

  • Trip cost with Group Airfare:  $3500

  • Trip Cost without Group Airfare: $3000.00

  • Booking Deposit:  $250.00

Please review terms and conditions before booking. 

Wanderlust Explorations Highlights


  • Anchorage

  • Prince William Sound

  • Matanuska Glacier

  • Talkeetna

  • Alaska Highway

  • Dog Sledding

  • Epic Landscapes

  • Potential Aurora Borealis

  • Flightseeing of Denali/glaciers


  •  7 nights accommodation

  • Tickets to all locations/activities that requires them

  • Guided Itinerary

  • Photography Instruction (if needed)

  • Transportation during the trip


What is not included

  • Airfare if you do not do group travel

  • Transportation to and from the airport 

  • Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

  • Any costs of your own exploring as we move to each location

Be adventurous and take a flightseeing tour and witness the epic panoramic landscape. Join us on a boat ride to sail around the glaciers and see wildlife at its finest.  Play with sledding dogs and maybe take a ride. Cozy up at night and enjoy the iconic ambiance of Alaskan Cities and enjoy frontier living at its finest.  Allow the solitude of nature to fill your soul on this magical trip as you explore what Alaska offers.  It’s motto “North to the a reminder that beyond the horizon of urban clutter there is a Great Land beneath our flag that can provide a new tomorrow for this century's 'huddled masses yearning to be free."

Come and let yourself be free.


Key information

* We will be road tripping around Alaska  there will be significant amounts of walking.  Many of the locations  will require walking and some hikes.
* All trips/outings are rain or shine.
* Sunrises and sunsets are must dos when travelling through this nature wonderland.
* We will be staying in different locations each night in order to maximize seeing the highlights of Alaska.
* This tour is geared specifically for the traveler, the photographer, the historian, and the nature lover.  We will be touring as a group in 2 vans or 1 bus which will have allotted times at each location to explore on your own and enjoy your adventure. If you want to learn or improve your photography I will be there to help at each location.
* Each night opportunities to eat in town will be provided for you to join as a group or venture on your own.
* We will explore and attempt to see the Northern Lights every time we have a clear night.



Each night we will be in a different location.  Double occupancy rooms unless noted.  Extra $800.00 for single occupancy room.  Lodging will be unique to Alaska and its culture.


Getting there

  • I offer discounted group airline travel out of Washington D.C and surrounding airports from Hampton Roads as long as there is a minimum of 10 travelers participate.  This is included in the package price if you choose this option. I will make all the arrangements. You will be required to make your own travel arrangements to and from the DC airport (or whatever airport I get the best deal out of).   All airlines will be well known or ones I have personally flown on. Seats will be chosen after ticket is issues which is usually 60 days prior to trip.  Group seats are all coach with options to upgrade at your own expense after tickets are issues.   Group airline requires a $200 non refundable deposit to secure your ticket which is due 60 days after initial deposit date. There will be a payment schedule based on the airline contract of when the final balance is due. I will communicate this when I have it. Once the group tickets are paid for, they are all issued to each individual traveler.

  • Typical group savings have airfares with bags included and up to a 50% savings over individual travel. We do need 10 people to participate in group travel in order to secure the rates.  If we do not have 10 people airline tickets are booked by the individual traveler and pricing is variable dependent on airline travel costs. 


  • If you book your own airline ticket you will need to ensure you are in Alaska for pick up with the group by 7pm on October 1, 2020. 


  • If you are not able to get to Washington DC for air travel, I will be more than happy to search airline fare close to our group rates, get you to the destination and meet up with the group